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  • December 01, 2022, 01:37:33 AM
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Important Stuff / Staff Application Format
« on: October 30, 2018, 09:20:29 PM »
Below is the format required to be followed for any and all staff applications, any applications that do not follow this format will be denied. Please place all completed applications in the "Helpdesk" tab.

What is your in game name?

What is your SteamID?

What position are you applying for?

Why do you think you should receive this position?

What prior experience do you have as a staff member on gmod?

Do you believe you understand all of the rules of the server and are you willing to enforce them by whatever means you deem necessary as a staff member?

Important Stuff / The DarkRP Rules
« on: November 12, 2015, 11:48:15 PM »
General Rules:
1. No RDM
2. No RDA
3. No NLR - ( 5 minutes )
4. DO NOT spam chat or props; both will lead to punishment.
5. General harassment and persecution is looked down upon greatly.(Persecution-discriminating against someone because of their race, sexuality, gender etc.)
6. All raids, mugs, carjacks, etc. DO NOT have to be /advert(ed)
7. DO NOT abuse any powers or props, this means if you are a lower rank with little powers, DO NOT abuse them or use them wrongfully.
8. Please do keep in mind, this is an RP server, if you are not here to RP you're on the wrong server.
9. If you think you know the rules better than a staff member, 9/10 times you don't, don't be a smart ass with staff.
10. DO NOT mic spam unless your job allows you to play music through the mic for money(this only applies to hobo).
11. Though you do not have to advert crimes of any sort, they do have a cooldown time, they are as follows:
   Raids: 5 minutes
   Raiding same person: 15 minutes

   Mugs: 5 minutes
   Mugging same person: 15 minutes

   Kidnapping: 15 minutes
   Kidnapping same person: 30 minutes

There are no ways around this rule, if you mug or raid as a group, that mug/raid applies to the whole group, and therefore no one in the group may raid/mug until the cooldown timer has runout.
12. Counter raids are NOT allowed, you may only defend against a raid if you live in the building being raided or you are law enforcement.
13. If you take over the PD you may only ask a maximum of 50k for it back.
14. It is expected to take no longer than 7-8 minutes for a normal raid and 10-15 for a PD raid. Camping in a base for absurd amounts of time is not allowed and will result in your punishment.
15. You may hold a hostage/kidnappee for as long as you like but you may only ask a maximum of 10k for them to be freed.
16. DO NOT mug/kidnap players who are obviously afk, if you are unsure whether or not they are afk use voice or text to chat to ask them.
17. Fading door abuse will result in removal of all fading doors in your base.
18. Staff are not responsible for reimbursing you after an RDM, do not ask them for weapons or money to be returned to you.
19. DO NOT pester staff about applications, no application should take more than a week to be accepted/denied.
20. DO NOT abuse props. This includes proppushing, propsurfing, propblocking etc. Abuse of props provides unfair advantages in rp such as being able to get from one side of the map to the other in ridiculously short amounts of time or denying legitimate raids by having props that can be gotten through.
21. Failrp is punishable by a ban upon first offense. Failrp is considered using rp features such as suicide to remove yourself from an rp situation.
On the subject of killing someone for following you
On the subject of killing/arresting hobos for bugbaiting
On the subject of disrespect
It is not a punishable offense, am I clear? I don’t care if they hurt your feelings or someone elses, unless it falls under persecution, DISRESPECT IS NOT A PUNISHABLE OFFENSE

Building Rules:
1. DO NOT build in the streets unless you are a hobo. Even if you are a hobo do not obstruct roads/buildings.
2. DO NOT claim a whole section of the map, the only exception to this is: You have a gang (bloods/crips) that consists of 6 or more people. Even in this case the area you control may only have a maximum of 5 buildings, and ALL names must be on at least 1 door.
3. DO NOT own multiple buildings unless you pertain to rule 2, or if you can prove to a staff member that you are using the multiple buildings for proper rp purposes, this being said, we find it unreasonable to own two buildings on opposite sides of the map, however if you own a building that is directly connected to another you may own and use both as long as they follow this rule.
4. DO NOT make the entrance to your base in such a way that it forces a player to crouch/get trapped in props/get hurt via prop trap. Staff cannot punish you for this but they can remove your entire base without warning because of it.
5. Per base you are allowed TWO fading doors(plus 1 for a safe, this one MUST be toggled if you choose to make a safe, there is no size limit for a safe). Shooting windows DO NOT count as fading doors.
6. One way props are ONLY allowed on windows, one ways seen anywhere else will be dematerialized by the staff member who sees them.
7. YOU MAY propblock every entrance to your base as long as there is at least 1 entrance that can be keypad cracked/lockpicked.
8. Keypads must be right next to the door they control, hidden keypads are not tolerated and will result in removal of your base by staff.
9. Fading doors must hold for 8 seconds minimum
10. Exposing small parts of the raiders body and using it as your means of killing a raider is not allowed and is considered unfair advantage. (this means using small cracks between props or looking under a fence prop to see feet, having a camera that looks into the small area is allowed but you may not use the camera as your means of shooting, you must either wait until they enter your base or kill them through a shooting window)
11. If you are still constructing your base and do not want to be raided, you may place a sign that states you are building. As long as this sign is up you may not be raided, but you may also NOT HAVE ENTITIES or a KOS sign anywhere else in your base, having either of these makes the building sign null and void.
12. False keypads/buttons are not allowed, you should have a maximum of 5-6 keypads in your base. (4 for the raiding doors, and 1 or 2 for the safe door.)
13. The sidewalk outside of ANY base is NOT your property and thus you may not KOS on the sidewalk outside of your base, the exception being if you own a section of the map, in that case everything inside is yours.
14. DO NOT build inside of the PD, unless you are the mayor. They mayor is allowed to place TWO fading doors in the PD, no other props are allowed, the front door to the PD may not hold one of the fading doors and this door must be unlocked at all times.
15. Shooting windows MUST be controlled by buttons and not key binds, controlling them with key binds is considered fading door abuse. See General Rule 17.(rip)
On the subject of KOS signs
They are NOT allowed, end of story. You may kill someone for being in your base(this should be common sense) and you DO NOT have to give warnings for someone to leave your base.
16. Shooting windows must by 0.5x2 plate or larger.

Job Rules:
You are the basic person
You can’t raid/mug etc.
You can’t base with criminal classes.

Law enforcement:
This includes CP, SWAT, Mayor
You may not mug
You may not raid without a warrant
You may not own printers
You may own weapons
You may not own doors
You may not random weapons check, you may ask for permission and you may if you have a valid reason

You’re bad and you should feel bad
You may not raid/mug etc.
You may not base
You may not buy printers or weapons(this does not mean you may not own them)

You are the scum of the earth
You may raid/mug
You may own printers/weapons
You may base

You kill people, you make money
You may base
You may own printers/weapons
You may not mug
You may raid if your target is in the base you are raiding, you may not steal anything from this base, only kill your target

Gun dealer(all kinds)
You sell things
You may not have a base(must be a shop)
You may supply yourself with one weapon, any other weapons you own must have come from another dealer
You may own printers
You may not raid/mug
You are not required to have a license to sell weapons despite what the laws say
You may deny service to anyone, however your reason must be valid

Crime man, so much crime
You may own weapons/printers
You may raid/mug
You may base
You may not ally with other criminal classes, you have your own gang
You may declare war on rival gangs through an advert, however the rival gang must accept the war through their own advert.

Black Market Dealer
You sell some "special" items.
You may own printers/guns.
You may not raid.
Your shop cannot be public, meaning you cannot own a building and advertise that you sell illegal items.
Everything sold by this class is inherently illegal and you may be arrested for anything and everything you sell.
You fall under the same self supply rules as the gun dealer, you may supply yourself with one weapon to use at your discretion.

Staff Rules
So you’re finally a staff member eh? Well first of all welcome aboard hopefully you’ve become acquainted with most of our other staff members by now so you should know how things work, but this is here as a “just in case” precaution.

1. Any and all punishments are the attending staff members decision, do not let players or other staff members influence your decision.
2. Lower ranking staff members should not be asking higher ups for help, if you don’t know what to do, you don’t need to be staff.
3. Power abuse will instantly get you demoted and possibly banned, we don’t care how sorry you are.( yes we understand mistakes are made, if it is obvious you weren’t aware of a rule or concept we will make an exception)
4. As long as you have a building sign on your base you may use noclip to help build.
5.Any problems you have with other staff members should not be handled by arguments, bring them to myself, Josh, or the highest ranking staff currently on the server.
6. DO NOT PUNISH OTHER STAFF MEMBERS, I cannot stress this enough, we don’t care if you’re just messing around, do not warn/kick/ban etc. other staff members. However, if it is obvious they are breaking rules and you have the ability to do so, feel free to ban them for UP TO (2880) minutes (2 days), this will give higher ups time to deal with them.
7.If you are below Superadmin rank, do not unban people that you did not ban, unless a higher rank than you asks you to.
8. All staff are to be respected, whether you are higher or lower than the person, you respect them.

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