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  • October 17, 2019, 04:06:50 PM
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Author Topic: Hello/Welcome  (Read 3203 times)


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« on: November 24, 2018, 04:01:00 PM »

As a short preface, Cyclone RP is dedicated to providing an enjoyable experience to all people on all servers. I personally believe many servers and their staff spend far too much time watering down their respective core gamemodes, or strangling people with "Red tape," if you will. This oftentimes kills player creativity and limits the possible fun. As such, the rules for this server will be kept short and sweet, and follow one core guideline: common sense. That being said, rules ARE important as they provide a basis to keep the game running as it is intended, and stop certain players from ruining the experience for everyone else.

If you're new to TTT, please read this section, otherwise, skip to our short rule list below.
Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) is a classic gamemode in which players take part in one of three roles, Innocent, Traitor, or Detective. The purpose of the gamemode is for traitors to use a mixture of stealth, guile, cunning, or a variety of other skills and tools to eliminate all of the other innocents and detectives. They can act alone or work with other traitors to do so, however they are outnumbered, so they should always make each action carefully. During this time, it is up to the innocents and detective(s) to discover who the traitor(s) are using the evidence they find on dead bodies, or by carefully watching the actions of other players. Though it is the job of the Innocents to find the traitors, it is ultimately up to the traitors to move the match forward to eliminating the other players. In game, pressing the [F1] key will open a more in depth guide to the gamemode.

1. Do not RDM, that is, don't kill anyone unless you have sufficient evidence to make you believe they are the traitor.
2. Do not Ghost, that is, don't tell someone through out of game means information that is relevant to the current game.
4. Do not use pornographic or overly violent sprays.
5. Do not threaten the server.

That's pretty much it. These basic rules keep the gamemode running as intended, without being particularly strict or restrictive. So YES, that means that:

-Throwing harmful explosives as an innocent is not against the rules, but don't expect help from an admin if someone kills you for throwing an incendiary at them.

-Disrespect/Name-calling/Teasing is allowed. Don't overdo it, but calling an admin a bitch is not punishable.

-Racism/Sexism/Antisemitism is allowed in joking contexts, even if the joke isn't funny. But if we think you actually belong in these categories don't expect us to treat you well.

-Hitting people with props is allowed, even if you are innocent. If you HURT someone with a prop, don't expect admin help if they gun you down.

These rules are subject to alteration at any time by the server owner or me.