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Suggestions / Re: Police Job Rules Suggestion
« on: April 04, 2017, 05:50:42 PM »
And if I remember correctly the way we setted it up i first had it all of wood stuff then you said go make another one so about 100 meter blocks away i built ANOTHER checkpoint maade out of fences and then aLOT of concrete barriers

Suggestions / Re: Police Job Rules Suggestion
« on: April 04, 2017, 05:36:48 PM »
In reply to what you said, well a checkpoint yeah sure but what if it was one that was there to last and not be raided and destroyed? Like build an actual wall around things and setup 2nd floors, the fort thing was a bit a humor there as a joke not to be taken seriously as a fort but as like you have checkpoints irl that are border control checkpoints and those checkpoints are there to stay as a "fort" but like last night like we had that fort setted up, doing that same thing over and over again wouldn't that be allowed?

Suggestions / Police Job Rules Suggestion
« on: April 04, 2017, 03:21:50 PM »
So for one I do see and notice that people arent allowed to build on teh streets, I have a request for the police job that would be a game changer of some sort I guess?? Idk... but hey a suggestion/request none the less!

-Police are allowed to make Highway or Road Checkpoints!

1) There needs to be an area for a car able to fit through a gap if you put road blocks and make cars have to do a maze like thing so they can't rush on through.
2) There needs to be another section in the checkpoint for people wanting to pass the checkpoint but aren't in a car so like you got a car tunnel then another tunnel off the road for civilians.
3) 50 or 100 Props Minimum per checkpoint
4) 1 Checkpoint per officer to be made, meaning you can only make 1 checkpoint
5) You are allowed to make a 2nd or even 3rd floor to your checkpoint that you can walk around on for defense purposes.
Checkpoint Rules:
1) People are allowed to raid the checkpoints, but cannot steal any police cars and if a police officer is afk inside the checkpoint, just leave him/her alone
2) You are allowed to have citizens drive inside the checkpoint into a checkpoint zone where they cannot continue any further to pass a weapon check, after a weapon check is cleared you can let them go on their way. I would recommend doing this by fading doors so they when they enter, you have their exit or exits sealed till weapon check is passed, if they have a weapon on them you can ask them to drop it, arrest them on sight or if they try to kill you, you kill them.
3) The checkpoint is still a roleplay zone EVEN when building it if you do not want people raiding it please, put a building sign up.
5) A checkpoint can take up an entire tunnel holding a checkpoint area on point A of the tunnel and point B of the tunnel that way anyone passing through the tunnel cannot pass through without a weapon check.
6) You may raid this checkpoint and take it over, but you can only demand 10k maximum for it to take it back unlike taking over the PD and demanding 50k maximum for it back.
7) This checkpoint is a fort, so make it into a fort but within the prop limit that you can, if this is a hug checkpoint you make decorate it in between for like police car garages or even a lounge or offices.
 8) Officers do not have go through the checkpoint and be weapon checked, they get free passage. But only if the Chief of police gives them permission for free passage.

These are just some suggestions that I think would be nice and cool to do, last night with a few of the staff members I setted up a checkpoint similar to this:

It had a 2 areas within the double walled checkpoint for spikestrips to be put down, if it is being raided you can put the spike strip down and extend it out as the spikes will clip through the props and extend out over the road, this works still and is even hidden a bit. Past that checkpoint was a bunch of concrete barriers that let civilians drive their cars all the way through on a guided line/path to the other checkpoint where if they return go through yet another checkpoint everytime.

This suggestion just gives the police more things to do instead of just patrol the streets and arrest criminals and defend pd, they can actually guard a checkpoint too now if this suggestion gets passed. Feel free to make changes to the Checkpoint Rules and Requirements for this.

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